Life at Level 70

October 25, 2007 at 12:19 am (Lv 70, The Elven Life, Warlock Adventures)

I got to level 70 like a month ago (don’t remember the exact date except it was a Monday). I was the second person in my static party to reach 70. It was nice.

I decided to do some research and finally discover what there is to do at the current level cap. As it turns out, there are a couple of things:

1. Faction/Instances
There are various factions in Outlands all waiting to give you goodies. Unfortunately the good stuff won’t be available until you’re revered with them. That can take a lot of instance grinding and questing. At least when 2.3.0 comes out, you can get all the heroic keys if you’re only honored with a faction.

2. Raids
For those with small groups, the Karazhan ten man instance is quite nice. It resets every week so you can take your time with your guild mates and friends. Do some of it now and complete the rest later.

3. Battlegrounds
PVP. If you want some quick blood Battlegrounds is the way to go. All centered around completing certain objectives.

4. Arena
PVP with a team. This is a nice competition where you test yourself with other teams from both Alliance and Horde sides. Fights are fast and deaths are faster. Somehow I died within a matter of seconds. Of course if I were left alive I’m sure I would do a lot of damage with my DoTs.

5. Daily Quests
This kinda goes under the Faction stuff, but you get paid well. Ten daily quests for a good amount of gold. Doesn’t take long to do, however you do need to do some questing to obtain access.

Of course, all of these things is just a journey to better gear. I suppose you can also improve your play style a bit when fighting other people or even doing Instances, but that’s about it. You hit 70 and you do a bunch of crap for gear. Perhaps there’s other worth while things to do. As far as I can see though, you’ve reach the limit of your natural abilities. What else can you prove? Your clothing of course.


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Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs

August 29, 2007 at 2:34 pm (Auchindoun, Horde, Lv 60-70, Mana-Tombs, Server: Dunemaul, Static, Warlock Adventures)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kathanir (Rogue)
Keceltes (Priest)
Sindral (Paladin)
Skarra (Mage)
Tanthion (Warlock)

This is our second run through the Mana-Tombs. Our first run did not fare as well on Monday. This time though, Skarra has respec himself to Fire so that may change things.

Mana-Tombs is pretty straight forward. In fact, there aren’t any other paths to take. The Instance is filled with humanoids and demons. Just the way I like it. I tried one time just using the imp, however I noticed a trend where we were swarmed with mobs and died. So this time I had my succubus out and was CCing like normal. Every now and then some mobs were in groups of four, so Kat sapped one, Skarra sheeped one, and my succubus would seduce one. It’s a little bit slower and we have a bit more downtime, but at least we’re alive.

The first boss we fought was Pandemonius. He looks like a giant voidwalker. He was a fairly easy fight. He casts a lot of shadow spells that do about 4k pts of damage each wave. He also phases which reflects all attacks and spells used/casted on him for about 5-10 seconds. We just hit him hard when he wasn’t phased. Also we had our Shadow resists up. Piece of cake.

The second boss we fought was Tavarok. He has a PBAoE called Earthquake. It does a lot of damage. Our paladin claims that all he did during the entire fight was heal and he still managed to keep hate. I just walked out of range of his Earthquake and continued to DoT/Nuke him. It was an easy fight that we beat the first time through.

One of the more annoying things were the Mana Leeches. They’re non elite, but when they die, they cast an PBAoE spell that does a good deal of damage. When you kill three of them at one time, it can be quite brutal. I think Kathanir kept dying to those mobs every time we fought them.

The last boss was Nexus-Prince Shaffer. He has a couple of Ethereal Beacons around him. He gave us a bit of trouble. The Beacons were the key. If you left them alone, they would summon other Ethereal mobs to kick our ass (which they often did). On our 3rd attempt we concentrated our firepower on the beacons and wiped them out before attacking the Prince. It was also extremely important to kill the new beacons that would pop up during the fight immediately. That was the trick. After that, the Prince was a fairly easy kill.

Here is a list of drops from Mana-Tombs:

Of these, it seems that only 5 of them were caster specific, and only these interest me:
Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider
Sigil of Shaffar
Staff of Polarities

The bosses drop spirit shards when you have the Blessing of Auchindoun. Here is a list of stuff you can trade the shards for:

For every full run, you can collect 3 shards. It seems that the only item that’s worth it though is the 50 shard ring. The one for casters is called Seal of the Exorcist. These shards also drop from the Bosses in Auchindoun instances. We’ll probably have enough by the time we hit Shadow Labyrinth.

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This is the Keceltes I remember…

August 20, 2007 at 3:32 pm (Alliance, The Elven Life)


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June 30, 2007 at 2:02 pm (Blackrock Depths, Dire Maul, Horde, Lv 40-50, Lv 50-60, Server: Dunemaul, Sunken Temple, Warlock Adventures)

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Been going on vacation and then had to do actual work when I came back. I know, it’s weird. Anyway I just though I’d recap on what WoW things I’ve been doing.

When I came back from vacation, unfortunately my whole group was a bit higher than me. Now Sindral was level 50-51, Kathane and Keceltes were 49-50, and Skarra was 48 while I was just level 46. More or less those level ranges have been kept the same. I haven’t really found the time to play outside our regular meeting nights.

We did a couple of Sunken Temple runs, but they were pretty much done with it. Then we went over to do Blackrock Depths. We did several runs there and have pretty much have explored every bit of BRD. This past Tuesday we did a Dire Maul East run and that was relatively easy. I’m now at level 52 with our highest being Sindral at level 57.

According to WoWWiki, We should explore Lower Blackrock Spire and Dire Maul. At least until we’re in the level 58-60 range before we try out Stratholme or Scholomance. That should be a bit of fun.

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Uldaman Prep Work

April 16, 2007 at 10:51 am (Horde, Uldaman)

Uldaman Prep is now posted.

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